About us

Company Reftrans offers a range of transport services, including refrigerated transport shipments of various sizes.Type of cargo in the process of being transported over long distances perishable food - it's prefabricated refrigerated transport.Reefer declaring as one of the priorities of the company, we guarantee customers a quick and reliable transportation of products, medicines and other perishable goods in compliance with the required standards of storage and temperature control.Material basis for the implementation of modular refrigerated transport is its own fleet of vehicles.In the presence of refrigerators of different capacity, equipped with insulated body and refrigeration units of the normal and enhanced modes of cooling.We carry Reefer on vehicles that have sanitary passports and necessary permits, our drivers and forwarding agents undergo regular medical checkups.

Refrigerators are designed for transportation of meat and deep-frozen fish, frozen vegetables, cooked meats, refrigerated and fresh meat and fish, chocolate, fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, medicines and vaccines.For each of these types of products available in the refrigerator setting the desired temperature.At the request of customers prefabricated refrigerated transport occur with termoregistratorov that allows us to provide complete information about the temperature in the vehicle en route.

We advise clients on refperevozok relating to the passage of the veterinary control, selection of transport, harmonization of temperature and the choice of form of payment.

Today, teams of refrigerated transport - is a comprehensive logistics service that requires the carrier-company considerable experience, high qualification of employees and their consistent performance at all levels, the presence of strong material base.Having these characteristics, Reftrans constantly improving the quality of services and find mutually beneficial ways of working with clients.

Follow Reefer with our company, it is safe and profitable, because:

  • we are loyal pricing policies
  • offer a simple and transparent scheme for calculating the cost of services;
  • carry cargo in a strictly time-bound;
  • updating park equipment and provide navigational control of the route;
  • clearly observe the regimes of temperature and humidity on the journey.

Go to the undisputed benefits of collaboration with our company should include a broad geography of transportation (from Europe to cities in Ukraine), the possibility of formation of assorted cargo.We take full financial responsibility for the cargo from the moment of its acceptance to delivery at the destination.Major European and Ukrainian insurance companies - our partners.Any of your goods to us on the shoulder!

Address: Ukraine, Odessa
phone: +38 (048) 775-08-65